If you've nerver had a facial before, this is a place to start. An excellent, relaxing facial to attend to the needs of all skin tupes (sensitive, oil, dry, normal and combination). Include steaming, cleansing, exfoliation, extraction (white head and black head off) neck, shoulder and face massage, a mask selected for your skin tupe, then relaxing with hands massage.

* 3 Kind of Facial Of your Choice:
+ Mini Facial: ******************* $45/30 mins
(Focusing on the basic steaming, cleansing, masking hydration and protection).
+ Deep Pore Facial: *********************** $75/60 mins
+ European Facial: *********************** $75/60 mins
+ TEEN FACIAL ( age 12 - 16 ) ************* $60/50 mins
+ Backcial ( A FACIAL FOR THE BACK ): *** $75/60 mins
+ GENTLEMEN'S FACIAL: *************** $75/60 mins

This treatment is designed for a man's special skin care needs. This facial will clean, calm and soothe the skin while cooling and preventing razor burn.

* This is of your choice:
- Eye treatment: **************** $15/ with Facial
- Eye treatment: **************** $30/ without Facial/ 25 mins